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Ready to achieve your desired IELTS score? Look no further than IELTS Ready Premium, the leading online preparation resource brought to you by the British Council. Whether you're a student aspiring to study at an international university, a professional seeking global career opportunities, or part of a family planning to emigrate, IELTS Ready Premium is your ultimate tool for success.

Own your future with IELTS Ready Premium. The course offers you a comprehensive range of resources and features adapted to your IELTS preparation:

Extensive practice material for IELTS success

  • Access a wide variety of practice tests, sample questions, and interactive exercises tailored for all sections of the IELTS test: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.
  • Prepare effectively for both Computer-based IELTS (CB IELTS) and Paper-based IELTS (PB IELTS) formats.

Personalised study plans and expert guidance

  • Receive personalised study plans customised to your strengths and weaknesses, ensuring focused preparation.
  • Benefit from expert guidance provided by experienced IELTS trainers, who share valuable tips, strategies, and techniques to excel in each section.

Realistic test simulation for optimal performance

  • Experience the authentic IELTS test environment with full-length mock tests that closely replicate actual test conditions.
  • Enhance your time management skills and pacing, maximising your performance on test day.

Flexibility and convenience for busy schedules

  • Study at your own pace, at any time and from any location, using our user-friendly online platform.
  • Enjoy seamless access to IELTS Ready Premium across multiple devices, ensuring a convenient learning experience.

Why choose IELTS Ready Premium?

Trusted by thousands for IELTS success

  • Join the ranks of successful individuals who have achieved their desired IELTS scores and accomplished their academic, professional, and migration goals with IELTS Ready Premium.

Comprehensive and reliable content

  • Rest easy knowing that you have access to reliable and up-to-date resources aligned with the latest IELTS test requirements.
  • Benefit from the expertise of the British Council, a globally recognised authority in English language testing and education.

Boost your confidence and performance

  • Gain confidence and alleviate test anxiety with extensive practice and exposure to a diverse range of question types.
  • Feel fully prepared and equipped to tackle each section of the IELTS test with our comprehensive preparation materials.

Start your journey to IELTS success today! Book your IELTS test and gain instant access to a world of comprehensive IELTS preparation with IELTS Ready Premium. Prepare with confidence, achieve your desired IELTS score, and unlock opportunities for academic excellence, professional growth, or successful emigration.

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