Rwandan TVET teacher standing in front of a motor electronics display

British Council Rwanda

The Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) sector in Rwanda has, like all other educational sectors, been working under the Government of Rwanda directive to teach all lessons in English. This has created challenges for the sector due to low levels of English of both teachers and students.

The Government of Rwanda’s Workforce Development Authority (WDA) awarded a contract to the British Council to provide English language training for TVET teachers. The project was funded by PAFP – Belgium Common TVET Support Programme and worked in partnership with the Association of Teachers of English in Rwanda (ATER).

85 TVET teachers from 9 TVET schools in the Southern province received English language training with results showing that over 70% made progress and almost 40% made three or more sublevels progress, more progress than would be expected given the amount of input that the teachers had received.

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