Celebrating the Success of Building Learning Foundations (BLF) in Rwanda

Revolutionising Education: A Completed Journey Building Learning Foundations (BLF)

An ambitious project launched in July 2017 and concluded in 2023, has successfully transformed the educational landscape in Rwanda. Supported by UK aid and executed in collaboration with Rwanda's Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) and Rwanda Education Board (REB), this initiative has been a joint effort by the Education Development Trust, British Council, and VSO. BLF's primary mission was to enhance the quality of education in English and Mathematics, preparing Rwandan students for a prosperous future.

Key Achievements and Lasting Impact

• Remarkable Increase in Student Proficiency: One of BLF's most significant accomplishments is the dramatic improvement in student proficiency. At the outset, only 17% of Grade 3 students demonstrated grade-level proficiency in 2018. By the project's end in 2023, this figure soared to an impressive 59%, reflecting the project's profound impact on educational standards.

• Empowerment of Teachers: BLF placed a strong emphasis on teacher development. The project targeted a language proficiency level of CEFR B1 (Intermediate) for English teachers. Initially, only 29% of P1-P3 English teachers met this standard, but by the conclusion of BLF in 2023, 49% of teachers achieved this goal, greatly enhancing the quality of English language instruction.

• Building Collaborative Educational Communities: A key legacy of BLF is the establishment of English Communities of Practice in 87% of schools. This initiative fostered a collaborative spirit among teachers, enhancing their teaching methodologies. Consequently, 69% of teachers now demonstrate improved competence in language teaching methodology. A Legacy of Educational Excellence

The completion of BLF marks a new chapter in Rwanda's educational history. The project's success in raising literacy and numeracy standards is a testament to the power of collaborative efforts in educational reform. BLF has set a precedent for future initiatives, proving that comprehensive strategies and community involvement can create lasting change in education.