Sheilagh Neilson: country directo at British Council Rwanda
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Welcome to the British Council Rwanda website!

We hope you will find all you need here about our current programmes in Education and English language teaching and learning, as well as future plans for working in the Arts sector. You will also find key information about improving your English skills, taking UK and internationally-recognised qualifications, and studying in the UK.

It was a great privilege for me to be join the British Council Rwanda team in 2013, and to work with the team to bring the people of Rwanda and the UK, and our institutions, closer together. The British Council has been working in Rwanda since 2008 - so our partnership is still a young one here - but we have gained from over 80 years of mutual experience and through our work as a cultural relations organisation, in many other parts of Africa  since the 1960s. Our work in Rwanda can learn much from past experiences, and I am sure that we will be able to grow and develop new opportunities for both Rwanda and the UK, building sustainable relationships based on trust and mutual respect, in the years to come.

Our work in Rwanda is at present mainly with teachers, trainers, mentors, donors and government officials, publishers, university lecturers, private sector representatives, and also  directly with young people in Rwanda. Last year, our programmes and activities reached more than 152,853 Rwandese, either face to face or virtually. Our fundamental aim in all we do, is to grow the range of opportunities for young people in Rwanda by helping them access high-quality education and skills, and to learn English and gain a qualification for personal, academic and professional development for their future. Our goal is to develop strong, vibrant relationships that provide opportunities for people in both countries, working with many more people in Rwanda and the UK in support of our shared aspiration for a stable and prosperous region and the African continent. 

We are fully committed to developing a range of activities, projects and programmes which demonstrate inclusivity and diversity. These core values are, we know, valued and appreciated by our contacts and partners. I would like to encourage you to follow the British Council Rwanda on our social media channels, and send us your feedback on how we can make things even better. I look forward to hearing from you in the months ahead.


Sheilagh Neilson

Country Director, British Council Rwanda

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