Group of students standing around talking

"I got the 6.0 I needed in the IELTS test and now I’m studying at my top choice university - thank you British Council!”

Student (IELTS Preparation, 2014)

"I can now use skimming and scanning techniques to get a quick overview when reading a passage. This has been useful in my daily work."

Jean Damascène (IELTS Preparation)

"The course was so helpful. When I took the IELTS exam I knew exactly what to expect so I was less nervous.”

Student (IELTS Preparation, 2014)

"I can use everything that I learn here in the university.”

Student (IELTS Preparation intensive, 2014)

"The course did not only prepare us to take the IETLS test, it also shaped our ability to speak English with confidence. I liked the warm and friendly environments between students and teachers. I can't wait to return for another course."

Florent, architect (IELTS Preparation, 2014)