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Give your child a head start with reading and spelling.

Kids will love this phonics-based, interactive storybook app that features audio narration and fun games. The story follows super space spies Sam and Pam as they arrive on Earth and learn how to speak and spell English words.

The app is designed for the iPad.

Phonics-based story app

The eight stories in the app are based on UK phonics programme Letters and Sounds. Each story focuses on a different set of sounds which makes it easier for learners to notice and make connections between sound and spelling.

Interactive games make reading even more fun

Young learners read along with the audio narration, lift flaps to reveal events in the story and play in-app games to test reading comprehension.

Help for Parents

The app includes a Parents Guide that explains what phonics is and gives parents tips on how to use the LearnEnglish Kids: Phonics Stories app with their children to encourage learning, reading and speaking English.

My kids love it! They like reading the stories with Sam and Pam, but also like the activities that go with each story”


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