Are you ready to register for your exams? This is your first step towards gaining qualifications that can open up a world of opportunity.

In this section, you can find out how to register for IGCSEs, O Levels and A- and AS-levels, how to pay for exams, and how to make special arrangements.

If you need to make special arrangements when registering for these exams please contact us at least six weeks before your exam date. You will need to provide a medical certificate issued within the last two years along with your special need request. Find out how we can assist with your special arrangements. 


Complete your registration form

To register please click here.

Ensure that your contact details and subject codes are correct.

After registration please send the reference number you will receive, your name as registered and your passport size photo to

  • Kindly attach guardians ID and completed consent form for all candidates who are under 18 years of age ONLY. The guardian's ID copy must be clear for purposes of identification when they come for their children.
  • All candidates must sign a code of conduct form regardless of their age.
  • All candidates must provide two passport size photos of themselves that are the same; these should be attached to the registration form. 
  • When completing the registration form, please break down the fee for each subject on every line. If a penalty is being paid, this should also be displayed on a different line with ‘penalty fee’ being the description. 
  • All candidates who have an identification document (ID or Passport) to provide us with a copy of the same just as an extra form of identification in addition to the two photos provided. All none Rwandan candidates MUST, however, provide a copy of their passport during registration.
  • Candidates should complete all fields on the registration form and provide at least two phone numbers and two email addresses for ease of contact for urgent matters.

Pay for your exams


  1. Bank Transfer 
  2. Online Payments 
  3. Cash deposit 

1. Bank Transfer:

  • You may make payment via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or RTGS with the relevant details to facilitate the same being as shown below
  • All bank transfer charges should be factored in when making the bank transfer and must be cleared before your application is confirmed 
  • Payments made without the transfer fees will be deducted automatically

2. Online Payments:

  • Payment for your Cambridge school exams can also be made using a bank credit or debit card 
  • All candidates should print their payment confirmation and attach to their application 

3. Cash Deposit through the bank:

  • All cash deposit payments should be made at I&M Bank - any branch

Follow the instructions below to complete the virtual account deposit slip:

  • Ensure that your full candidate name is clearly indicated in the student name section. Your name must match the document (passport / ID) that you used to register with .
  • Candidates should bring their Original Rwandan ID or valid passport. Kindly note that if you do not hold a Rwandan ID you must bring your country's original and valid passport with you on your exam day (We do not accept Alien ID cards). Your name on the bank slip must match this document.
  • Under the "Reference Code” Tab, this will be generated and issued to you by the British Council Customer Service Registration desk.
  • Under the ‘Select the Appropriate Exam and Indicate its Virtual Account Number' Tab, enter the CIE / School Exams Virtual Account number which is: 
  • Note: It is important to enter the correct information in the fields to prevent delays with tracking your payment.
  • Kindly note that you are still required to bring in the bank deposit slip copy to British Council to complete your registration. This needs to be submitted by the deadlines for your selected exams. Contact the Customer Services Team at British Council Kigali for any further queries – Telephone :   +250 252 554 600.


Each examination board has a normal registration stage (see registration dates and deadlines below) for each exam session. You may still be able to register for exams after this date, but you will have to pay a penalty fee. You can find more information about late registration penalty fees on your exam registration form.

Submit your registration form

Submit your completed application, proof of payment and passport photo to

Registration complete

You have successfully registered for school exams with the British Council.

You will receive your Statement of Entry and information about your examination venues approximately three weeks before your exams.

Registration date and deadlines


First entry registration period: 01 July 2020 to 7 August 2020

First entry registration deadline: 31 July 2020

Late entry registration period: 08 August 2020 to 11 September 2020

Late entry fee: 61,760/= per subject 

Retakes period: 01 July 2020 to 11 September 2020


Please note that all certificates not collected within 2 years from the date of issue will be returned to Cambridge